Ready for Rising Waters!

Wed 10th Feb 2016 - 5:43pm General


 Kawaii Killers has been working everyday to be the best guild of the server, and there is a few list of this sugoi guild:

- We are 58 members! incredible gear, pvp ranks such as diamonds and platinum

- We have influyent members in the server such as Shiro, known for being the most strong Blackwyrm tank in the server and her sick skills at pvp; Hanzo-sama, this assasin knows every single secret about this game, and is well known for his knowledge and his fast runs on brightstone ruins to make money (7 minuts whole dungeon), Terry (terrors), our little summoner that is known for being a Terrors destroyer, and thanks to that, his +1k of soulstones, and at last but not less important, Yain, the leader, being the hearth and the essence of Kawaii Killers :D

- Events!, we do Blackwyrms everyday in cooperation with other crimson guilds like Hell Spawns and Requiem, and after that, we make some Terrors runs for Mistywood Keys :D

- Discord channel for party, pvp, and events comunication

- Sugoi names! have you seen Louise Vallière?, Ebola-chan? Rias Gremory? Hinata? Sasuke Uchiha? Kawaii Killa??? BEST GUILD EVAH

- And the best part is an incredible environment in guild chat, comunication, friendly guildmates crafting for you, daily parties, etc.


Aaaand that are a few things about us, of course there are more good things that I haven't mentioned, but well, this is what we are today, ready for the new patch ^^




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