A story of a night~

Wed 18th Nov 2015 - 11:31pm General

This is the story when Scared, Hidou, Vastranica and I were trying to get the PvP Soul Shields but we were too slow killing the Celurean Bosses and sometimes 1 or 2 of us finished dead, so we asked infaction chat if someone wanted to join us, and we found Sife and NEMESIS, everything became easier but still took us like 5 hours to get all the pieces of the pizza, some hugs to the Scared's pet (the dragon, he said "If you feed an animal, suddently it becomes your pet", and that's how Scared became to Khaleesi xD), and we had some fun even when we all were so tired, the party's mind it was "its hard to get a party for this, let's finish it at all cost" xD, and that is what happened :)

This was our result:

Sife and NEMESIS joined our guild and now we are together ready for our next night of grind ;)




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